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AutoScalper: Automated Futures Scalp Trading Software for the individual investor on Interactive Brokers's Trading Platform. - Tactics

Scalp Trading tactics with AutoScalper

Scalping the market (profitably) involves good preparation: you must identify the most profitable times and settings to provide to AutoScalper. In order to make money on the markets there must be movement in the prices, but not too much! Many scalptraders avoid the hectic opening- and closinghours of the markets, and prefer to trade when the small market movements are more predictable. These small movements may look like 1 tick up, 1 tick down, 2 ticks up, 2 ticks down, 1tick up, 1 tick down etcetera, you get the idea. A scalper tries to make profits on these movements as many times as possible, and must be ready to place hundreds, or even thousands, trades a day. This involves a lot of effort from the trader, he has to be focused all the time to bail out when his position runs against him too much, and must be ready to place new orders instantly. A scalporder (buy and sell) can be executed within 3 seconds or less, but it can also take up to 10 minutes or more.

This is where AutoScalper comes in, it handles automatically the placing of new orders and taking stoploss if needed, without the risk of getting tired and influencing your trading strategy. Being profitable on the market all the times is impossible, but being profitable in the time you choose to let AutoScalper trade automatically is up to you.