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AutoScalper: Automated Futures Scalp Trading Software for the individual investor on Interactive Brokers's Trading Platform. - Screenshots


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1) Connection status, order messages, error messages.

2) AutoScalper interface: settings and activation/de-activation of automatic scalp trading.

3) Manual scalper interface, LMT (default) or STPLMT orders, 1 click order entry.

4) Manual MKT trader interface, 1 click MKT order entry for direct execution.

5) Log of automated scalp orders.

6) Collected data ticks, used for backtesting purposes.

7) Interface for backtesting and AutoFind feature: settings, activation.

8) Backtest_1 Log: Portfolio, order status, PnL per datatick. 1 setting.

9) AutoFind Log: results of backtesting different order/price compilations.