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AutoScalper: Automated Futures Scalp Trading Software for the individual investor on Interactive Brokers's Trading Platform. - Download

AutoScalper download

Download now for free our AutoScalper_10 trial version and explore it's possibilities. It will be the same as seen in the demo-flash-movie, but added with new features like backtesting, data collecting and "AutoFind" feature to evaluate 100.000's of trade settings automatically to help you determine your best trading strategy possible. It works with the "edemo" account from InteractiveBrokers as well as with the normal user accounts. Products: NQ Globex (FUT), ORCL SMART (Oracle, stock), USD/CHF Forex. 

Warning! Using the AutoScalper can cost you all of your money! Don't use AutoScalper with a normal user account!!! Be warned, and use AutoScalper only on the "edemo" account or simulated accounts. This AutoScalper version is fully functional! We, Interactive Brokers nor our payment gateway provider can be held responsible for any loss you might encounter using our software. This product is for entertainment purposes only!

The AutoScalper_10_Trial is available on our download page, free for download after registration (just your e-mail address and a username, privacy policy). By using our software you agree with our  disclaimer, which you will find here.

BUY AutoScalper_10 retail now for $99 Bitcoin accepted!


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